Jaclyn Smith

  1. Kim Darby, True Grit, 1968.    Like many a director, Henry Hathaway was difficult to please.  In the search for Mattie Ross, Smith (one of Charlie’s Angels)was too pretty – while poor Darby was not pretty enough! “Her book of tricks consisted mostly [of] being a little cute.”  If he had bothered to explore, he would have discovered she has just given birth, was in mid-divorce and… scared of horses. Also in the Mattie mix: Geneviève Bujold, singer Karen Carpenter (a John Waynee idea), Mia Farrow (who kicked herself for refusing) Sally Field, Sondra Locke, Tuesday Weld. Plus past and future Duke co-stars Michele El Dorado Carey and Jennifer Rio Lobo O’Neill. And hius teenage daughter, Aissa Wayne.  Well, Mattie was supposed to be 14.
  2. Carolyn Groves, Dark Shadows, TV, 1969.      Roger Davis played Jeff Clark for three seasons and his new wife was invited by producer Dan Curtis to succeed the Danish Alexandra Isles as the Jane Eyre – er, no, Victoria Winters. But the future, 1976-1981 Charlie’s Angel felt Isles was an impossible act to follow after her 423 chapters, during 1966-1968. Indeed, Curtis finally replaced Isles with two actresses – ten shows for Betsy Durkin in 1968, three for Carolyn Groves in following season.
  3. Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman, TV, 1975-1979.   The 1972 Miss World USA (!) reigned  supreme over such starry rivals as  the previous, 1973 WW tele-film star, Cathy Lee Crosby. Plus Angie Bowie (David’s wife), Joanna Cassidy and all three Charlie’s Angels: Farrah Fawcett. Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith. Carter was soon on $1m a year while Debra Winger, at 20, refused her own spin-off series as here sister, Wonder Girl. 
  4. Shirley MacLaine, Cannonball Run II, 1983.     The only Charlie’s Angel who never quit the series during 1976-1981, did quit a movie… This one. “She wanted to do some mothering,” recalled MacLaine – chosen as this was the final movie of her old buddy, Frank Sinatra.  His other mates, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin, were back from the first film. Not that Ole Bluye Eyes shared his  two scenes with any of the cast.
  5. Victoria Principal, Titans, TV,  2000-2001.    Ms Dallas replaced Ms Angels, who probably figured   it would be axed after 11 episodes.


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