Jacqueline White

  1. Jane Wyman, The Yearling, 1945.         At the end of the seven year on-off-on-again history of filming Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, White was being groomed for MGM stardom as Ma Baxter during January-August of ’45. During a month’s break, shooting recommenced in September – with Ma Wyman. White had better luck at RKO – Crossfire, 1946, and The Narrow Margin, 1951.
  2. Nancy Coleman, Mourning Becomes Electra, 1946.         In the frame  for Hazel Niles, with Heather Angel, Evelyn Ankers, Frances Heflin, Ann Rutherford.  White did not have to  move far to find  a career.  She born  Beverly Hills. She said her  first “role”  at RKO was a voice-off.  Well, a sneeze off.   Recorded for  Zasu Pitts! 

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