James Franciscus


  1. Richard Chamberlain, Dr Kildare, TV, 1961-1966.       The Missourian from Naked City got the medico gig but was more keen on another series – ultimately, never made. He guested in one Kildare episode (and another on the rival show, Ben Casey) before becoming Mr Novak, 1963-1965, and the blind detective Longstreet, 1971-1971. Earlier, William Shatner had also passed on the hospital drama – five years before making his fame in Star Trek. Enter: Dr Chamberlain, the 191 episodes’ superstar.  And soon enough playing everyone from Aramis, Tchaikovsky and F Scott Fitzgerald  to Lord Byron, Alan Quartermain and Hamlet.
  2. David Janssen, The Fugitive, TV, 1963-1967.     Creator  Roy Huggins saw Anthony Franciosa and Robert Lansing before settling on his Richard Kimble. Franciscus headlined three later (shorter)  series: the blind investigator Longstreet, 1971-1972; Doc Elliot, 1973-1974; special agent Hunter, 1997.

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