James Marsters

  1. Tom Hardy, Star Trek: Nemesis, 2001.   The tenth Trek… An early draft had Patrick Stewart playing both Picard and Praetor Shinzon. Then, Roy Baird (lambasted by cast and crew for his direction – or lack of it) preferred a youger Shinzon, looking like but not cloning Picard. James Marsters, Jude Law and Michael Shanks were in the frame until Hardy found a full script and taped a a section, partly nude. This led to a test – appalling said Hardy – with Stewart in LA. Fortunately, he had made a back-up tape in his hotel. Years later, he revealed how the film’s failure – and the Trekkies’ reaction to it – ruined his relationship, drove him to drink and almost to suicide. Only winning Bronson in 2007, saved his life and career.

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