Jason Momoa

  1. David Bautista, Guardians of the Galaxy, 2013.      The most Lucasian of the Marvel films…  The  Hawaiian Conan The Barbarian, Khal Drogo in Games of Thrones and Aquaman opposite Batman v Superman in 2014, passed – to direct his first movie, Road to Paloma.   Djimon Hounso, Isiah Mustafa and Brian Patrick Wade were also seen for Drax The Destroyer. “I can just relate to Drax so much it’s not even funny, ” said Bautista. “Just the simple things that we have in common. like the tattoos, the tragedy – because you know, I had a bit of tragedy in my life, as well. So it’s really easy for me to pull from that.”  His reward: the 2015 Bond film! 
  2. Martin Sensmeier, The Magnificnt Seven, 2016.    KevinCostner, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, also wisely rode away from this Dullard Seven. How is it possible to write a tepid take of either John Sturges’ 1960 Sevenor its 1953 source, Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai? Then again, writer Nic Pizzolatto made a similar dog’s breakfast out of his second True Detectiveseason. Antoine Fuqua directing meant Denzel Washington would lead the liberators. But minus Aquaman as the exiled Comanche, Red Harvest.Body count was so absurdly high that it should have been named after the guy playing Josiah.  Billy Slaughter.
  3. Ben Affleck, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2015.

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