Jeffrey Wiseman

  1. Michael Fishman, Roseanne, 1988-2018.   The youngster tried out to be part of the Roseanne Barr-John Goodman family.  Seven-year-old Fishman got the gig and was still playing DJ  Connors in 2018! 
  2. Macauley Culkin, Home Alone, 1990.   Among the 200 kids seen – even though the part was written especially for Culkin by John Hughes.   Jeffrey became  the inquisitive neighbour, Mitch Murphy
  3. Macauley Culkin, Richie Rich, 1994.    Tried again. Lost again. To Big Mac again. Nodbody stood a chance against him in auditions. He had… box office! Wiseman made three films only Big Mac is heading close to 50.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3