Jeremy Lloyd


  1. Derek Nimmo, Coast of Skeletons, 1965.       No one would have noticed any changng of these two such look/sound-alike, beyond posh Brits… in the second of Richard Todd’s two outings as the Edgar Wallace hero best known as Sanders of the River. (I tuned in every week to the BBC Radio version as a kid when Sanders was – a name to remember – Howard Marion-Crawford).
  2. Anthony Valentine, Callan, TV, 1967-1972. Surprisingly, Lloyd – a Hooray Henry sitcom actor and scripter – was an early choice to succeed the busy Peter Bowles as Toby Meres.     
  3. John Hillerman, Beanes of Boston, TV, 1979.     Booked for Mr Peacock (Captain Peacock in the BBC’s original, Are You Being Served?), Hillerman never turned up for the table read. Lloyd, the co-creator, read for him – and was immediately offered the role. Having been a regular on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In (not to mention The Avengers and It’s Awfully Bad For Your Eyes, Darling) he agreed…  until his scripting partner, David Croft, reminded him of their London workload.

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