Jeremy Sumpter

  1. Matt O’Leary, Fraility, 2001.     Auditioned, at 12, for the young Fenton and then was selected as  his  brother Adam. Three years later,  the Monterery  kid was Peter Pan in Australia.
  2. Anton Yelchin, Hearts in Atlantis, 2000. Monterey’s Sumpter was in the  mix for the youth of Bobby Garfield, a rather tepid  70th of Stephen King’s staggering 313 screen credits. Stolen by Anthony Hopkins, very less-is-more as the mysteriouys lodger who – this being King county  – is a psychic.  Sumpter, one month older, than Yelchin,  grew up  (during) his  titular role in Australian director PJ Hogan’s live-action Peter Pan, 2003.

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