Jill St. John

  1. Natalie Wood, West Side Story, 1961. Don’t laugh!   There was even a more stupid idea for Maria… Angie Dickinson!
  2. Sharon Tate, Dance Of The Vampires, 1966.   Director Roman Polanski had  chosen  St John as Sarah Shagal. (They were lovers at the time).  But his producer, Martin Ransohoff, had fallen (not difficult) for Sharon on The Bevely Hillbllies TV set and insisted on using her instead of St John. (Well, Jill had warned “Ro” about him. “I think he’s a phoney. I don’t trust him.”). Polanski was  furious until he met Sharon and wed her. (“She was more than stunning to look at.”) He was more annoyed by the way MGM called it The Fearless Vampire Killers after hacking 20 minutes from the comedy.  Worse was to come with the pregnant Sharon’s murder by the Charles Manson gang in 1969.
  3.  Lana Wood, Diamonds Are Forever,  1971.
  4. Susanna Dosamantes, Day of the Assassin, Mexico-Spain-USA,  1981. Show me the money!   Glenn Fod (main face onm bthe poster) gopt his $100,.000 for tywod ays work. But Jill’s slary never arrived in her bank, so walked away. Her sub was an eight-years younger Mexican actress, still working (65 credits in 50 years) in 2019.


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