Joey Bishop

  1. Elisha Cook Jr,  The Killing, 1955.  Five years before Ocean’s Eleven – and a few months before he broke up with Sammy Davis Jr in a typical fit of pique  – Frank Sinatra was keen on another heist story.  Lionel White’s book. Clean Break. New director Stanley Kubrick’s producer partner, James B Harris,  won the rights for a thriller they figured  should star…  Sinatra!  When Ole Blues Eyes finally made up with Sam The Wham, he wanted his Clan buddies to re-make Kubrick’s Killing, until another Clanster, Peter Lawford (the next pique victim), told him about  Ocean’s Eleven, 1960. “Let’s not make the  movie,” said Frank. “Let’s pull the job,”
  2. Tony Bill, Marriage On The Rocks, 1965. The delayed shooting  of Rat Pack pal Sinatra’s comedy clashed with night club dates.
  3. Jerry Lewis, The King of Comedy, 1982. When TV talk-show host Johnny Carson wouldn’t play the TV talk show host host kidnapped by Robert De Niro’s aspiring comic, director Martin Scorses immediately thought of Frank Sinatra (idem) and the whole La Vegas/Ocean’s 11 group. “I just love that crowd and their clothes.” So, Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin… “and then, of course, Jerry Lewis.”


 Birth year: 1918Death year: 2007Other name: Casting Calls:  3