John Corbett

  1. Dermot Mulroney, Point of No Return, 1993.      The only unknown considered for Hollywood’s re-make of Nikita. He became a TV star in The Visitor
  2. Jay Mohr, Picture Perfect, 1997.  Jennifer Aniston had a tough time working with Mohr.   She wanted her lover, Tate Donovan, in the role. On his Mohr Stories podcast, he said she kept bad mouthing him from the first  day of rehearsal, when she pointed right at him and screamed: “Six guys they screen-test! Six The one fucking guy I hate, that’s the guy they hire. Him!”   Sounds like a lucky escape for William Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, John Corbett and future talk-show host Jon Stewart. (Baldwin’s baby brother, Stephen, made The Object of My Affection with Aniston without any trouble the following year).
  3. Steven Eckholdt, My Big Fat Greek Life, TV, 2003.      After three Greek movies, Corbett could not cntinue as Ian Miller in the TV series due to his own Lucky series. He agreed to guest in one episode – but the axe dropped before it got that far.  He made sure he was free for auteur-actress Nia Vardalos’s next rom-com, I Hate Valentine’s Day, 2008.
  4.  Dylan Walsh, The Lake House, 2006.     Corbett declined to be the ex-fiance, knowing all the publicity would be shoved upon Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, re-united for the first time since Speed, 1994.

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