John Cowsill

  1. Jeremy Gelbwaks, The Patridge Family, TV, 1970-1971.    Oh, so Shirley Jones and step-son David Cassidy were Plan B… ?  Exactly! Plan A was a real family bubblegum music unit of six squabblers – The Cowsills.   Until the suits preferred Shirley (an Oscar-winning  actress, after all) to Barbara Cowsill, matriarch and singer.  Then, the  patriarch and manger, Bud Cowsill, ordered his guys back home to Newport, Rhode Island. Gelbwaks had to quit being  Chris Patridge, when his family moved out of California. He was succeeded by…
  2. Brian Foster,  The Patridge Family, TV, 1971-1974.      Foster took over as Chris and, apparently,  no one  cared. The ABC network did not receive a single complaint about the switch.  John joined  The Beach Boys in December 2000. 

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2