Josh Lucas


  1. Benjamin Bratt, Catwoman, 2004.    Some actors read scripts better than others.
  2. Josh Duhamel, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, 2004.    But no date with Josh… He passed on Tad. Like who wants to be won in a contest for a date, even in fiction?
  3. Aaron Eckhart, The Dark Knight, 2007.
  4. Bruce Greenwood, Star Trek, 2008.    An early idea of producer-director-re-booter  JJ Abrams for Christopher Pike – captain of the USS Enterprise, played by Jeffrey Hunter in the unaired 1966 pilot that became part of Episode 11: The Menagerie.
  5. Benjamin Walker, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 2011.     Up for two biggies, Lucas spurned the 16th US President – a surprise vampire slayer – to play tragic flyer Charles Lindbergh in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar (Hoover). Walker had been in Clint’s Flags Of Our Fathers, 2006.






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