Judge Reinhold


  1. Steve Guttenberg, Police Academy, 1984.    Difficult to understand but Hanks, Michael Keaton, Judge Reinhold and Bruce Willis were all turned down for baby cop Corey Mahoney. They were upset… until seeing how each of the next six of these Carry On Cops were worse than the one before. Guttenberg threw away his badge after three more. Maybe to appease his father – an NYPD officer. Reinhold , of course, was a Beverly Hills Cop that year.
  2. Tom Hanks, Big, 1987. Steven Spielberg’s sister, Anne, wrote the script. about a teenager wishing himself in an adult’s body. Josh possibiles included the unlikely Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford, plus Albert Brooks, Steve Guttenberg (shooting 3 Men and a Baby), Michael Keaton, Bill Murray, Denis Quaid, Judge Reinhold and Robin Williams (who did his own take on the notion in Francis Coppola‘s Jack, 1996, first aimed at to Hanks !).. And Fox simply  rejected Gary Busey and… John (Box Office Poison) Travolta. First choice Hanks had to finish Dragnet and Punchlinebefore he could head up Anne’s third and final filmed script, ninth and last producing gig. She’d also acted – in Escape To Nowherein 1961, when her brother directed. At 13.
  3. Eric Roberts, Doctor Who (The Movie), TV, 1996.      



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