Judy Canova

  1. Joan Davis, Yokel Boy, 1942.     Republic splashed out on the Broadway hit, with Canova and Buddy Ebsen – and then respun the whole thing. Not using either the lead stars, the supports (like Lois January), nor even their characters! How Hollywood can you get?
  2. Betty Hutton, Annie Get Your Gun, 1950.    “I bought it [for an unprecedented $700,000] to give Judy a kick,” said producer Arthur Freed. “That’s when she  got sick… I had to take her out. The girl just couldn’t function.  She couldn’t get out of bed.” Betty Hutton could.  After Canova, Doris Day, Bettys Garrett and Grable, Ethel Merman (Broadway’s 1946  Annie) and Ginger Rogers were shot down at the pass. 

 Birth year: 1913Death year: 1983Other name: Casting Calls:  1