Lake Bell


  1. Marley Shelton, Scream 4, 2004.    Scheduling stopped Bell playing Deputy Judy Hicks in Ghostface’s fourth chapter. No matter,  she became Sally Heep in Boston Legal although… “I completely bombed the audition…  I was insecure, stopping and starting. I went to the bathroom and cried.”  Lake, by the way, has a brother. Luke.Amber Tamblyn, 127 Hours, 2009.     Katie tested for Kristie, but so did Kate…. for the film about the American mountain climber who had to amputate his own arm when trapped by a boulder while climbing in Utah, circa 2003.  
  2. Kate Mara, 127 Days, 2010.   After breaking out as Sally Heep in David E Kelley’s The Practice, 2004, and his 2004-2206 follow-up, Boston Legal, the New Yorker was considered by Irish director Danny Boyle for Kristi in the true tale of Aron Ralston, an arrogant US climber forced to amputate his own arm when trapped in a mountain in Utah 2003. for the titular five-and-a-bit days in 2003. Just who played Kristi was somewhat unimportant after all that!
  3. Amy Adams, Man of Steel, 2011.


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