Laura Ambrose

  1. Linda Cardellini,  Freaks And Geeks, TV, 1999-2000.     Considered (with Lizzy Caplan and Busy Phillips) for Lindsay Weir in the fictional  Chippewa, Michigan. In his future movies, producer Judd Apatow used many  people from the series, his way of  “refusing to accept that the show was canceled.”   
  2. Keri Russell, The Upside of Anger, 2005.     Keri took over when Ambrose quit –  Lauren’s Six Feet Under TV role, 2001-2005,  was weird enough without taking on a girl almost killed by twin obsessions. Dance and diets.
  3. Rachel McAdams, The Time Traveler’s Wife, 2008.    The bittersweet love story’s author, Audrey Niffenegger, saw Adrian Brody and Lauren Ambrose as the couple. Oh, no, it’s us, said Aniston and Brad Pitt on buying the book in galley form for their Plan B combine. They lost Steven Spielberg as director, then each other… Pitt produced with McAdams wed to Eric Bana who, well, just kept on disappearing… leaving his clothes behind.   “It can be a problem,” he admitted.


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