Laura Antonelli


  1. Dominique Sanda, Il giardino dei Finzi Contini (The Gardens of the Finzi Contini),  Italy-West Germany, 1970.      Lino Capolicchio  knew he’d won the lead, Giorgio – and not just becaue he had the author Giorgia Bassani’s  blue eyes. He then helped test girls up for  Michol, daughter of the Jewish family of the Italian 30s, in director Vittorio De Sica’s return to form, capturing the nostalgia of the time itself said Roger Ebert, “when people still inhabiting their world could sense it slipping away, and already missed.” 
  2. Catherine Deneuve, Le sauvage, France-Italy, 1975.  The gorgeous Italian had substituted Deneuve opposite Jean-Paul Belmondo in Les Mariés de l’an II, 1970, when his lover Ursula Andress visited the Roumanian shoot.  By now Laura had moved into Bebel’s bed – which is why he wanted her in this film.  Or no deal.  Auteur Jean-Paul Rappeneau (who made Les Mariés with them) was more keen on Bardot  – or Deneuve, who made the film with Yves Montand

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