Laura San Giacomo

  1. Jennifer Connelly, Labyrinth,     ad 1985.  For (alas) his final film as a director, Muppeteer-in-Chief Jim Henson 14 candidates  for his adolescent heroine, Sarah, forever in a dreamworld. They included LSG, Yasmine Bleeth, Helena Bonham Carter, Laura Dern, Kerri Green, Mary Stuart Masterson, Sarah Jessica Parker, , Mia Sara, Lili Taylor and Marisa Tomei. Choices reached a final five – Maddie Corman, Jane Krakowski, Ally Sheedy, Sarah Williams… and the stunning Connelly.  
  2. Sofia Coppola, The Godfather: Part III, 1989.
  3. Nicole Kidman, Days of Thunder, 1990.     In so early, her script was still Daytona – and the girl was an ophthalmogist.   But the star helped write the finished version and had just got married, so Mrs Tom Cruise got the role –   now a brain surgeon!
  4. Annabella Sciorra, The Night We Never Met, 1993.     Losing folk along the way, the 1990 cast was postponed   to ’91 and then again to ’93
  5. Selma  Hayek, Frida, 2002.   Dropped – when many Mexicans were furious about the non-Mexican Laura almost playing their celebrated  artist, Frida Kahlo. 
  6. Sherilyn Fenn,  Birds of Prey, TV, 2002-2003.     In the future, eons   after the Bruce Wayne   has Batcar-ed himself into exile, his work continues with the Birds: Black Canary, Oracle and The Huntress.
  7. Kiele Sanchez, Related, TV, 2005-2006.     After 149 episodes as Maya on Just Shoot Me, 1997-2003, Laura was booked to be Ann Sorelli in the pilot – and suddenly replaced for the actual run of 19 weak shows… By which time Laura was in Veronica Mars, 2006,and Saving Grace, 2007-2009.


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