Lauren Lee Smith

  1. Katharine Isabelle, Freddy v Jason, 2003.        Another bizarre move by the New Line suits behind the crossover – an idea floating around since 1987. First, they had dumped the current Jason Voorhees for reasons that were never apparent on-screen. Next, they deep-sixed the guy playing Will and replaced him with an actor they had previously found unsuitable for the part. Now, Smith was given a girlcalled Gibb, and the rôle was punched up by axing Jenny and giving her dialogue to Gibb – then dropping Smith and giving Gibb to Isabelle, who they had first booked for the cut Jenny. There’s a film in here, someplace… Katherine was later stuck in Canada-made US TV, while LLS scorched screen is her Last Tango In Toronto – Jamaican director Clément Virgo’s Lie With Me, 2005.

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