Lewis Collins

  1. Gareth Hunt, The New Avengers, TV, 1976-1977.         Patrick Macnee was getting a trifle too er, rotund to be running and fighting around as John Steed. So a third wheel was drafted in to share the load. After losing Mike Gambit to Hunt,. Collins guested in the 18th episode with Martin Shaw – and they were later selected by the same writer-producer Brian Clemens as the heroes of his next series, The Professionals, 1977-1983.
  2. Roger Moore, For Your Eyes Only, 1981.
  3. James Warwick, Doctor Who #121: Earthshock, 1982.      In Doc5 Peter Davison’s Cybermen encounter, circa 2526, Scott was offered to Colin Baker (to be the next Doc6 in two years), Nicholas Ball, Andrew Burt, Peter Firth, Del Henney, Martin Jarvis, Tim Pigott-Smith, Patrick Ryecart, Patrick Stewart, David Warner, Simon Williams. Plus Gareth Hunt (aka Mike Gambit) from TV’s 1976-1977 New Avengers… and the more successful 1977-1983 Professionals: Bodie and Doyle, aka Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw.
  4. Nicholas Ball, Lifeforce, 1984.
  5. Peter Firth, Lifeforce, 1984.
  6. Pierce Brosnan,   The Living Daylights, 1986.
  7. Scott Glenn, Wild Geese II, 1984.   Collins said that he was set play Haddad – as part his contract with London producer Euan Lloyd – for whom, Collins had already headlined Who Dares Wins, 1982. However, Lloyd was less than delighted with his protégé making the Italian rip-off, Arcobaleno selvaggio… ie, Code Name: Wild Geese.
  8. Simon Williams, Doctor Who #148: Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988.      Despite the importance of the show – the 25th anniversary season opener –   eleven actors passed on Group Captain Gilmore. Collins, Tom Adams, Nicholas Ball, Tom Chadbon, Michael Cochrane, Del Henney, Ian Ogilvy, Tim Pigott-Smith, Neil Stacy, Simon Ward and James Warwick. Enter: Williams, aka James Bellamy in Upstairs, Downstairs, the Downton Abbey of its day – TV, 1971-1975. None of Collins’ 27 screen roles were in the Whoverse.



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