Malcolm Stoddard

  1. Gareth Hunt, The New Avengers, TV, 1976-1977.       Patrick Macnee was getting a trifle too rotund to be running and fighting around as John Steed. So a third wheel was drafted in to share the load. In the race to be Mike Gambit were Tommy Boyle and Ian Charleson (they shared Chariots of Fire, 1980) and two future and longer-running TV heroes: Lewis Collins (The Professionals, 1977-1983) John Nettles (Bergerac, 1981-1991) – both shows were also by writer-producer Brian Clemens.
  2. Gareth Thomas, Blake’s 7, TV 1978-1981.     Lost the titular Blake – in BBC’s Dirty Dozen In Space. And so did Tom Adams. Alun Armstrong, Warren Clarke, Maurice Colbourne, Brian Croucher, Paul Darrow (who became Avon instead), Peter Egan, Martin Jarvis, Christian Roberts, Donald Sumpter
  3. Keith Drinkel, Doctor Who # 122: Time Flight, TV, 1982.       As many as 25 casting (or dart) board regulars were up for any (or all!) of three characters in Doc4 Peter Davison’s tale about a missing Concorde. Stoddard, Dallas Adams, Sean Arnold, Colin Baker, Andrew Burt, Tom Chadbon, Michael Cochrane, Ian Collier, Forbes Collins, Eric Deacon, Jack Galloway, Richard Heffer, Paul Jerricho, Ian McCulloch, Clive Merrison, Terry Molloy, Edward Peel, Martin Potter, Jeff Rawle, Carl Rigg, Patrick Ryecart, Donald Sumpter, Robert Swann Malcolm Tierney, Stephen Yardley – they were all up for Flight Engineer Scobie…  
  4. Michael Cashman, Doctor Who # 122: Time Flight, TV, 1982.      …and for First Officer Bilton.
  5. Michael McDermott   Doctor Who # 122: Time Flight, TV, 1982.      … plus Sheard – which wasn’t even offered to another Whoverse favourite, Michael… Sheard. And in the very next show…
  6. Ian Collier, #123: Arc of Infinity, 1982.      On the list for simply voicing Omega opposite two Doctors. Doc5 Peter Davison and his future successor, Colin Baker – playing Commander Maxil, the rôle that won him Doc6. A major error from producer John Nathan-Taylor in his eclectic and scandalous 80s reign. During 50-plus screen roles, Stoddard was never bokeed the Whoverse.
  7. Malcolm McDowell, Arthur The King, USA-Yugoslavia, TV, 1985.      On the short-list for King Arthur with Robin Ellis, Roy Marsden, Michael – for the worst Arthurian saga. Imagine… Candice Bergen and Dyan Cannon in Camelot!


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