Marie Wilson

  1. Zasu Pitts, Sing Me A Love Song, 1936.   The Warner Bros suits decided, late in the day, that Wilson was too young to be Gwen.  They were right. Wilspn was 20. Zasu was… 42

  2. Joyce Compton,Rose of Washington Square, 1938.     Swift change of Peggy when Wilson – hailed as a featherbrained delight  – became ill four days into shooting.  Also typecast, said IMdB, in roles of severe brainpower deprivation, Compton made a substantial  living out of it – 157 screen roles during  1924-1961

  3. Judy Holliday, Born Yesterday, 1949.    Losing the dizzy Billie Dawn was a particular disappointment… But then she didn’t have Katharine Hepburn in her corner. Soon  as she heard  that the  Columbia czar Harry   Cohn refused to let the Broadway show’s star even  test for the film version, Hepburn threw her and Spencer Tracy’s film, Adam’s Rib, to Judy as one  gigantic test – forcing   King Cohn to change his mind about Jean Arthur, Lucille Ball, Alice Faye or Barbara Stanwyck. Result: an Oscar for Horrible Harry’s “fat Jewish broad.”

 Birth year: 1916Death year: 1972Other name: Casting Calls:  3