Marlon Wayans

  1. Chris O’Donnell, Batman Forever, 1994.
  2. Wayne Knight, My Favourite Martian, 1998.   Wayans and David Duchonvy and Marlon Wayns were in director Donald Petrie’s mixer for the voice of Zoot – the, er,  talking space suit of the visiting Martian (you hadda be there). (Or, better still, not).  The winner was Seinfeld’s postman New-man!
  3.  Matt Damon, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2001.   In a typical  view askew, New Jersey auteur Kevin Smith thought of having  two Wayans brothers satirising Good Will Hunting – until Ben Affleck and Matt Damon did it (to) themselves.
  4. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, 2008.     Wayans auditioned for Heavy Duty – and as given Ripcord this latest example of Hollywood’s crazy toys-as-source-material movies. Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers skewered it: “I don’t know what to say about the acting, writing and directing… because I couldn’t find any.”
  5. Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead, 2013.  THE MOST TERRIFYING FILM  YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE.  Aw c’mon… Five friends, cabin in the woods, yada yada… The 32-year-later reboot of Sam Rami’s classic was simply a worthless gore fest – enough blood to fill an average pool. No wonder  Campbell, the 1981 star, simply co-produecd and did a little post-credits cameo.   When the re-hash was first raised – in 2001 – it was  Wayans or Ashton Kutcher for Ash.


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