May Robson

  1. Blanche Yurka, A Tale of Two Cities, 1934.       For the infamous Madame Defarge in the fourth screen version of the Charles Dickens classic, producer David O Selznick also tested Judith Anderson, Emily Fitzroy, and Lucille LaVerne.  Broadway’s Yurka was making her first talkie – indeed, her first film since 1918.
  2. Jessie Ralph, Camille, 1936.       Change of heart by director George Cukor about Hollywood’s “grandmum” (from her 1916 start to 40s’ finish),   as   Greta Garbo’s maid.
  3. Lilian Kendle-Cooper, Three Live Ghosts, 1936.     Robert Taylor was switched to Richard Arlen just before shooting began in November – and everyone else when shooting was swiftly halted after two days for a fornight.
  4. Clare Blandick, The Wizard of Oz, 1938.
  5. Jane Darwell,Thieves Fall Out,1941.   Known, once upon a scenario draft, as Thirty Days Hath September.  However, it hath not Robson, shipped out to Million Dollar Baby. And replaced by the equally veteran Darwell as Grandma Allen.

 Birth year: 1858Death year: 1942Other name: Casting Calls:  5