Melvil Poupaud

1. – Malik Zidi, Gouttes d’eau sur pierres brûlantes, France, 2000. Melvil refused realisateur François Ozon’s request to make a test for his version of the Fassbinder play. “I hate tests – simply because I’m never chosen. Anyway, I was too old.” For what – for sharing a bed with the deliciously naked Ludivine Sagnier?

2. – Stéphane Freiss, 5×2, France, 2004.      François Ozon calls again. ”This time, I was too young!” They finally got together for Le temps qui reste, 2005.

3. – Matthieu Boujenah, Knife Edge, 2008. Andrea Corr, Melvile Poupard, Patrick Bergin suddenly became Natalie Press, Boujenah and Hugh Bonneville in the horror film made by old-fashioned director Anthony Hickox. 

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