Michael Beach

  1. Eric La Salle, ER, TV, 1994-2002.    La Salle was recurring on another medical show, The Human Factor, and one of Warner Bros. casting chief Barbara Miller’s rules was that none of her team could poach actors from each other. So while the ER casting man,  John Frank Levey, knew La Salle was the  perfect  Dr Peter Benton, he  was told:  Hand’s off. Until Miller gave in and Eriq was the last actor signed for the pilot… on Day 3 of the shoot! Beach was LaSalle’s friend since Juilliard and  finally joined the series  as  Al Boulet for 18 shows, 1995-1997 – passing his HIV virus to nurse Gloria Reuben – and then starred  as “Doc” Parker in 103 episodes of  another John Wells show, Third Watch, 1999-2005.


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