Michael McKean

  1. Richard Dreyfuss, Stand By Me1985.  “Finding The Narrator [the grown up Gordie Lachance] was tricky,” director Rob Reiner  told  Brent Lang’s 2016 Variety oral history.  “David Dukes did great, but his voice wasn’t what I wanted. It didn’t have the right tone. So I tried other actors, friends of mine that came in. Ted Bessell from That Girl and Michael McKean, but they never had the right voice. Then,  I thought of [his high school buddy] Rick Dreyfuss.  We sent it to every single studio. Everyone turned it down.”  TV icon Norman Lear put up the budget and Columbia’s new Brit-boss, David Puttnam, wept at a screening and  released it. 
  2. Liam O’Brien, The Spirit of ’76, 1990.    Beginning in  2176, David Cassidy goes time-traveling with companions called Heinz-57 andf Chanel-6 – followed by  Rodney Snodgrass. played by O’Brien, the busiest US voice (275 films, TV series, video games in 25 years). The rather (kitschy) Famous Familes production spoofed the 70s: auteured  by  debuting Lucas Reiner (his dad, Carl, and bro’ Rob, had bit parts), co-written by Roman Coppola, costumed by his sister, Sofia, and produced by Susan Landau (cue another bit role  for mom, Barbara Bain). There was never a Spirit of ’77.


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