Michel Bouquet

  1. Jacques Duby, Therese Raquin (US: The Adultress), France-Italy, 1953.   “He made me do tests!” recalled  the  a stage star (in film since 1944),  with some surprise. about the old guard realisateur Jean Delannoy.  But the older – and greater – Marcel Carné made the film.
  2. Claude PiépluLe charme discret de la bourgeoisie (US: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie), France, 1972.   Not happy with  the offered salary, Bouquet passed The Colonel to his good friend,  Piéplu.
  3. Jarl Kulle, Babettes gaestebud/Babette’s Feast, Denmark-France-Sweden, 1987. Said the character:  “Vanity. Vanity. All is vanity.”
  4. Jacques Francois, Les acteurs, France, 2000.  One actor, at least,  preferred to say fresh for his night job – on stage in  Cotélettes… Written by the film’s maker, Bertrand Blier.
  5. Michel Piccoli, Le goût des myrtilles (US: The Taste of Blueberries), Belgium-Luxembourg, 2014.  The veteran Bouquet was due to share the blueberries with veteran Belgian actress Marie Otal.  However, she died just months before shooting was to begin in 2009.  The  production was all but shelved until re-tooled five years later for two other vets: Piccoli and the British Natasha Perry, the divine wife of the UK stage-screen director Peter Brook…  and she died soon after the shoot.


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