Michèle Mercier

  1. Marie Laforet, Marie Chantal contre le Docteur Kha, France, 1965.      Michèle turned down French New Wave realisateur Claude Chabrol for… Angélique, marquise des angesThat made her name (in five films, 1964-68) and that of her perfume. Yet ruined her career and love-life.  Like Hayworth and Gilda, all her men, she said, wanted, seduced (often  raped)  “Angélique… not me.” 
  2. Catherine Deneuve, Belle de Jour, France-Italy, 1966.      According to an MM legend, her lover kept quiet about incessants calls from the Spanish genius Luis Buñuel regarding his erotic masterpiece.   Or, then again, as my German journo  friend, Gerhard Midding, speculated, maybe the lover was also a lover of Deneuve… 
  3. Françoise Fabian, Un condé (UK: Blood on my Hands; US: The Cop, Murder-Go-Round and Night of the Executioners), France-Italy, 1970.  The legend is that  réalisateur Yves Boisset and his scenarist, Antoine Blondin, went to meet Mercier – and Blondin was “so drunk and odious”  that she threw them out of her home! The MM role went to FF (and not BB!) and Blondin was replaced. by Claude Veillot.


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