Micheline Pialat

1. – Macha Meril, Nous de vieillirons pas ensemble, (US: We Won’t Grow Old Together), France-Italy, 1971. The irascible, aggressive, violent, often obnoxious and always over-praised realisateur Maurice Pialat wanted his ex-wife (born on my birthday, March 26) to play herself in his study of their turbulent marriage. She made convincing tests for Pialat but the actor playing him, Jean Yanne, had enough of a headache playing the boor without having to do so opposite his real ex – and insisted on a genuine actress replacing the amateur… She became the highly professional exec producer of this and the next three Pialat life chapters: La Gueule ouverte, Passe ton bac d’abord and A nos amours, 1973-1983.

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