Mike Henry


  1. Adam West, Batman, TV, 1966-1968.     The future  Tarzan  (1966-1968, hairy chest and all) was all set to don  the cape and safeguard Gotham City in  an earlier incarnation of the DC comic, planned by producer Ed Graham for CBS in the earlier 60s. As US comics  expert Alan McKenzie blogged it:  “He would have made a more rugged Batman than Adam West.” Then again, even at age 12, McKenzie immediately sussed the Fox show wasn’t taking Batman seriously. “In fact, the actors were snickering at the character while over-acting every line.”   [Via…http://marvelsilverage.blogspot.co.uk]. Lyle Waggoner tested with Peter RJ Devell as his Robin while West and Burt Ward were doing the same…  only winning. Plus, apparently, Burt Reynolds. (He was also in the Superman mix in 1977).
  2. Ron Ely, Tarzan, TV, 1966-1969.    After three ape-man movies during 1966-1968, the ex-Los Angeles Ram refused to swing on the TVine. Not after suing the producer for maltreatment, abuse, and working conditions in Brazil and Mexico  detrimental to his health and welfare: Cheetah bit his  chin (20 stitches), dysentery, ear infections, liver ailments.  Ely, already booked to play a Tarzan imposter, took over. And suffered  lion bites on forehead and thigh, fractured ribs and shoulders in vine-falls.


 Birth year: 1936Death year: 2021Other name: Casting Calls:  2