Naomi Campbell

  1. Monica Bellucci, Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtra, France-Germany, 2000.    Comedy auteur Alain Chabat was thinking of the supermodel for his Cleo (he was Ceasar), but his producer Claude Berri need “an international star, one that is adept comedy.”Enter: Bellucci.
  2. Kerry Washington, Miracle of St Anna, 2007.     The super model accepted his invite but her super-schedule prevented participating inSpike Lee’s film about members of the all-black 92nd Infantry Division in WWII.
  3. Mia Kirshner,The Vampire Diaries, TV, 2009-2011.    First thought for Isobel Flemming, Elena’s mother. A vampire, of course. 


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