Nathalie Delon

  1. Joanna Shimkus, Les adventuriers (US: The Last Adventure), France-Italy, 1966.   Alain Delon wanted his wife as his love interest… Co-producer Gérard Beytout called him an emmerdeur (a bloody nuisance) and stuck firmly to his choice of Shimkus.  The Delons were wed during 1964-1969, longer than people imagined. possible. On the first day of her first film, Nathalie went to join director Jean-Pierre Melville, etc., at their table cor lunch. Ever the charmer, Delon told her to push off. “The debutantes, they eat over there.” On her lastg day, she gave Delon a mighty slap in front of the entire crew.    Melville called her the next day, still laughing. “I had to use his other profile because   you really left your mark on his cheek.”

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      The deadly duo that never was…  Delon and  and Jean Sorel as Eva Kant and Diabolik – before director Mario Bava switched the Italian comicbook anti-heroes into Marisa Mell and John Phillip Law.
    © Dino De Laurentiis Cinematografica/Marianne Productions/Paramount Pictures, 1967.
  2. Marisa Mell,  Diabolik (US: Danger: Diabolik), Italy-France, 1967.     Alain Delon’s wife was quickly into (his) movies, before striking out (literally) on her own – testing in Rome with Jean Sorel as Diabolik. They lost out to Mell and John Phillip Law as the comicbook’s anti-heroes. The French Sorel also tested with Catherine Deneuve and  Elsa Martinelli as Eva.  Alain Delon’s  Plein Soleil  co-star Marie Laforet said he was an asshole – “no elegance.”  She ws right. As his wife, Nathalie, found out on the first day of her first film with him.  She decided to join his table  for lunch –  shared with director Jean-Pierre Melville and others.  “Non,” said Delon, pointing to the other end of the canteen area. ”Debutantes – they eat over there!”

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