Nicholas Campbell

  1. Paige Fletcher, The Hitchhiker (aka Deadly Njghtmares), TV, 1983-1991.  Campbell appeared as the Hitchhiker in three test episodes. He was not free when HBO picked up the show and Fletcher took over the (book-end) role, working one  day a week – indeed, one half hour! For re-runs, all of Campbell’s scenes were replaced with re-shot footage of Fletcher. 
  2. Christopher Walken, Dead Zone, 1983.    Canadian director David Cronenberg first fancied a fellow Canuck as Stephen King’s psychic, Johnny Smith.(King wanted Bill Murray). Cronenberg then dropped Campbellfor Walken. Or, rather, for his face. “That’s the subject of the movie. That’s what the movie was about. All the things that are in his face.” 

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