Nicola Pagett

1. – Lesley-Anne Down, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, 1976. And she never knew she was wanted…     When he dropped Maud Adams as Olga after a couple of days, director Blake Edwards said:   “Get me the girl from Upstairs, Downstairs.” Down was called in, not Nicola.   Julie Andrews, Mrs Edwards, was sure she wasn’t the right girl.   Yeah, sure, said hubby,   it’s just the lousy TV lighting.   If he and Peter Sellers had been   talking at the time, Edwards would have known   who was who. Sellers made it his business to know all young actresses in   London.   (William Friedkin experienced a similar muddle in 1971: see FRANCISCO RABAL).

2. – Lauren Hutton, American Gigolo, 1980. Among writer-director Paul Schrader’s London interviews. Since 1995, she has lived with, written about and virtually conquered her acute manic depression.


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