Noah Wyle

  1. Henry Thomas, Valmont, France-UK, 1988. Noah says he “skipped school” for an audition for the Milos Forman version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Because he could was nimble with swords and horses. Yes, but he was 14 and Danceny was, at the very least, slightly older. Indeed, Forman’s first choice, Star Trek’s Wil Wheatpn  was 16, and Henry Thomas (to which name one is obliged to add: ET’s Elliott) was 17. In Stephen Frears’ far better take, also shot in various French chateaux  in that summer of  ’88 (I know because I was on  his set for weeks), the Chevalier was no less than… Keanu Reeves, at age  24.       
  2. Andrew Shue, Melrose Place, TV, 1992-1998. The series was a new branch of Beverly Hills 90210 but Wyle was not one of the saplings. He lost out to Elizabeth Shue’s younger brother) for the struggling writer named (after the actor) Billy Campbell. Wyle’s next stop – ER !!
  3. John Livingston, Mr Wrong, 1995. Lost Walter; so did Ben Affleck, David Arquette and Adrien Brody. They were lucky! “A dreadful movie,” blasted San Francisco critic Nick LaSalle. And  lucky again in April 2013 when their union blocked the auction of 54 test  tapes, including  theirs with Ellen DeGeneres. “Auditions are not public performances,” said the SAG-AFTRA. “Performers are entitled to expect them to remain private.”

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