Oliver Tobias


  1. Roger Moore,Octopussy, 1983.

  2. Michael Gothard, Lifeforce, 1984.
  3. Nicholas Ball, Lifeforce, 1984
  4. Peter Firth, Lifeforce, 1984.

  5. Christopher Gable, Doctor Who #135: The Caves of Androzani, TV, 1984.       Mixed signals about Sharez Jek… Rock idols like David Bowie, Roger Daltrey, Mick Jagger and the rockerish Tim Curry – or actors Tobias, Pagtric k Allen, Nicholas Ball, Steven Berkoff, Brian Cox, Christopher Gable, Michael Gambon, Julian Glover, John Hurt, Derrek Jacobi,  Martin Jarvis, Michael Jayston. Gable, the ballet-dancer made a movie star by director Ken Russell, had previously been chosen for Major Salateen.The Swiss-born Tobias had been Claude in the London production of Rado and Ragni’s global hit musical,  Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. 


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