Pauline Lord


  1. Edith Barrett,  Ladies In Retirement, 1940.     According to Hollywood Reporter, Judith Anderson, Helen Chandler, Lillian Gish, Pauline Lord and Laurette Taylor were in the mix for Ida Lupino’s sisters.  Demented,  every one.
  2. Margaret Wycherly, Keeper of the Flame, 1942.   George Cukor, the director of the second Spencer Tracy-Katharine Hepburn film, told  The Hollywood Reporter (July 22, 1942)  that Lord’s first scene did not work and he called up Wycherly to take over as the mother of a questionable  national hero… based on Charle4s Lindbergh). The stage was Lord’s domain (she’d been Broadway’s Anna Christie),not the technicalities of cinema. Besides, she was up against the well oiled machinery of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in the second of their nine films. The fireworks never ignited and Mrs Forrest became Wycherly, the actress at home on stage andscreen.  Lord made two films only – in the 30s.  Her’s was not the most successful name in Hollywood. One made one  movie only – as Girl At Dance in Her Man Gilbey, 1943, while the other Lord (from California) returned  to the stage.

 Birth year: 1890Death year: 1950Other name: Casting Calls:  2