Peter Stormare

  1. J E Freeman, Miller’s Crossing, 1990. To be or not… The Bergman star had to pass on The Swede because he was in a Broadway production of The Dane. Hamlet. Stormare made sure he was available when the Coen brothers wrote some other magic for him in Fargo, 1995.

  2. Emil Kusturica, La veuve de Saint-Paul, France, 1999.   Unknown to realisateur Patrice Leconte until the final day of shooting, his star Juliette Binoche had suggested Kusturica as director when Alain Corneau quit. So, it was by sheer coincidence, and after seeing him in a making-of, that Leconte chose the Sarajevo born director for Neel. After losing his first choice – the “superlative actor, the disturbing and almost autistic colossus  in Fargo.”

  3. Gavin Rossdale, Constantine, 2004. Testing for Balthazar, the Swedish actor was told: You’d be better as… the white-suited Satan! Well, Keanu Reeves as the titular cop does go to Hell. And back. (And takes us with him!).

  4. Billy Connolly, Fido, 2006.    Oddest role for the Scots comic – the rotting zombie servant (well, the zombs lost the war with us) of young K’Sun Ray’s family. The Swede quit on winning the Prison  Break TV series, 2005-2006. 


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