Phillip Reed

  1. Robert Cummings, Kings Row, 1941.    Reed, Rex Downing, Henry Fonda, Tyrone Power were also up for Parris, studying medicine under the doctor in “the town they talk of in whispers,” full of murder, sadism, depravity.  And worse that had to be axed from Henry Bellamann’s 1940 novel: sex (premarital), sex (gay), incest, suicide…  Peyton Place 16 years before Peyton Place!  (Fonda and Power had played Frank and Jesse James in 1938). 
  2. Russell Hayden, Seven Were Saved, 1950.     The long-forgotten Catherine Craig (Mrs Robert Preston, 1940-1987), stole the WWII thriller from such heroic air-sea rescue pilots as the lovelorn Hayden, subbing New Yorker Reed.   Craig’s middle name was Jewel. Right!

 Birth year: 1908Death year: 1996Other name: Casting Calls:  2