Priscilla Lane


  1. Olivia De Havilland, Gone With The Wind, 1938.
  2. Brenda Marshall, Money and the Woman, 1940.  She refused James M Cain’s story…
  3. Olivia De Havilland, My Lover Came Back, 1940. …and this violinist role. Result: Jack Warner, the top bro’, suspended her.
  4. Anne Shirley, Saturday’s Children, 1939.  Jane  Bryan, “Warners’ next big star,” was all set to play Bobby opposite James Stewart – when her boyfriend, future industrialist Justin  Dart Jr popped the question.  She agreed and immediately retired… remaining friendly with ex-co-star Ronald Reagan. Indeed, the Darts persuaded him into politics. Olivie de Havilland preferred suspension to the role.  John Garfield  rerplaced Stewart but refused a fourth film with Priscilla Lane (after Four Daughters, Daughters Courageous, Dust Be My Destiny).  And when a never-named noviciate was dropped after two days, Shirley saved the day.
  5. Carol Bruce, This Woman Is Mine, 1940.    Universal managed to borrow MGM’s John Carroll – but not Warner’s Lane. Enter: the Broadway musical star. Ironically, Bruce won greater fame as another Julie on another vessel – in the 1946 stage revival of Show Boat.
  6. Nancy Coleman, Dangerously They Live, 1940.      For Lane and Richard Whorf as the UK spy and DC medic uncovering a Nazi spy ring, read Coleman and, punching below his weight, John Garfield.
  7. Betty Field, Kings Row, 1941. Ida Lupino (and Olivia de Havilland rejected the neurotic Cassandra that Bette Davis craved.  (She suggested Field for the part). Lane, Laraine Day, Katharine Hepburn, Marsha Hunt, Joan Leslie, Adele Longmire, Susan Peters were also seen for “the town they talk of in whispers,”full of murder, sadism, depravity. And worse that had to be axed from Henry Bellamann’s 1940 novel: sex (premarital), sex (gay), incest, suicide…  Peyton Place 16 years before Peyton Place!


 Birth year: 1915Death year: 1995Other name: Casting Calls:  7