Raymond Massey

  1. Fredric March, One Foot In Heaven, 1940.     Always the novelist Hartzell Spence’s choice to play his father, Massey tested. So did Alexander Knox. March didn’t need to. 
  2. Walter Huston, Always In My Heart, 1941.   Debuting director Jo Graham preferred Huston for MacKenzie Scott. And so Huston, who had sung on Broadway, warbled for the first time on-screen. Head brother Jack Warner aimed to turn co-star Gloria Warren into a new Deanna Durbin. Didn’t happen.
  3. Reginald Gardiner, Captains of the Clouds, 1941.   Director Michael Curtiz dream-wished for Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, George Brent and Massey… and got James Cagney, Dennis Morgan, Alan Hale and Reginald Gardiner. For a Royal Canadian Air Force tribute since labeled the 1941 Top Gun.
  4. Lionel Barrymorer, It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946.
  5. Charles Bickford, Guilty of Treason, 1949.     Massey and even an Episcopalian minister, Robert A Dunn, were also up for the terrible story of Cardinal Jzsef Mindszenty, arrested, tortured, imprisoned, released and still villified and persecuted by Hungary’s Communist regime in 1949. He eventually hid out in Budapest’s US Embassy for 15 years until moved to a Hungarian religious community in Vienna. Thirteen years later, Christophe(r) Lambert made Le complot, based on the 1984 murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko by Poland’s Communist regime. Nothing had changed.
  6. Edward G Robinson, The Ten Commandments, 1954.
  7. Chill Wills, Giant, 1955. 

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