Rob Schneider


  1. Jamie Foxx, Held Up, 1999.  The tepid – so slow! – comedy was Inconvenienced for Rob, Lisa Kudrow and Janeane Garofalo  in 1995  until Rob simply quit four days before the start.  He’d finally read it, perhaps.  Robert Downey passed and the project imploded – only to be revived for Foxx and Nia Long. But as the Austin Chronicle put it: “nowhere near clever enough to be a satire and not broad enough to be a farce.”
  2. Dave Foley, Postal, 2007.   Just as  Foley, Larry Thomas, Verne Troyer and JK Simmons went against their agents to make the film, other actors like Schneider, David Cross, Jamie Kennedy and Sarah Silverman refused any part of the post-9/11 satire from Germany’s Uwe Boll, “the most openly despised filmmaker of his generation,” according to San Francisco critic Peter Hartlaub.
  3. Matt Lucas, Small Apartments, 2011.  Succeeding Schneider, the BBC’s Little Britain clown has scant room to move among James Caan, Billy Crystal, Johnny Knoxville, Dolph Lundgren, James Marsden, Peter Stormare, Juno Temple  and Rebel Wilson – “pitched as such intensity,” said Variety, “it screws away the laughter.”


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