Robert Horton

  1. Robert Ryan, The Naked Spur, 1952.       MGM first wanted Richard Widmark, then Horton as Ben – target of bounty hunter James Stewart. In  another of his fine Anthony Mann Westerns.  Finally,  Ryan  was loaned from RKO.   Five years later, Metro couldn’t afford Horton  – by then the big find of 187 chapters of Wagon Train, 1957-1962.
  2. Kerwin Matthews, 5 Against The House, 1954.    Jack Finney’s 5 Against the House – everything about his name and that title sounded… cool! The quintet were Korea War vets in college on the GI bill planning to rob Reno’s mightiest casinos… scientifically. Future Oscar-winner Stirling Silliphant’s first script – obvious seed for Ocean’s 11, just five years later! The New York Times pointed found Matthews “merely adequate.” Certainly Horton, star of 187 Wagon Train tales, 1957-1965, would have been more credible mastermind.

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