Robert Lee Scott (Jr)

  1. Dennis Morgan, God Is My Co-Pilot, 1944.   Warner’s first choice for the Colonel Robert Lee Scott Jr biopic was Gary Cooper.  Then, Grant or Humphrey Bogart… Or, even the real Robert Scott, himself.  Colonel Scott was a WWII USAF fighter pilot hero – his dream, since the age of eight.  He was the film’s technical advisor. Well, he was one of America’s first WWII’s first flying aces: 388 combat missions in 925 hours during 1942-1943, downing 13 Japanese planes. Naturally, the USAF refused to release Scott.  Because as you might remember, Hollywood…  there’s a war on!!  Scott wrote about it in among  his dozen books, including  in 1947 – God is Still My Co-Pilot. (A 1989 episode  of the Coming of Age series, was called Todd Is My Co-Pilot).

 Birth year: 1908Death year: 2006Other name: Casting Calls:  1