Robyn Hilton

  1. Shari Eubank, Supervixens,  1975.  Idaho’s Hilton certainly matched the matrix of a Russ Meyer woman.  But she passed  and he then decided to castthe missus, the ex-Fox starlet Edy Williams  – which is about when they split up. Hence Eubank in the dual roles of SuperAngel and SuperVixen.  She made one more movie, the Meyeresque Chesty Anderson US Navy, 1976, and completely disappeared. No relation to… The Family.
  2. Barbara Bach, Up The Academy, 1980. Colonel Bliss was created for Robyn, complete with semi-nude and topless moments at military school. She was not amused. Ron Leibman axed his credit and Mad Magazine, which produced the movie, sent it up in the mag as Throw Up The Academy.

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