Roger Langmann

  1. Yves Robert, Le Cinéma de Papa, France, 1970.      For his fourth feature, Claude Berri (actor-turned-director and one of the most successful French producers) had a simple idea: “A son  aims to be an actor, but it’s his father who becomes a star.” And he intended casting his own father, mother, sister while he, as per usual, played Claude.   Almost by way of a test,  Langmann (known as Papa Roger) played an old solider with hiccups in Les Guerriers.   He was never happier.   “My life now,” he wrote his son, “is your  film.”  Helas, he died before  production began.  (His widow, Betty Langmann, played Berri’s mother in his sixth film, Le Mâle du siècle, 1974;  Berri’s sister, Arlette, was an editor and scenarist mainly alongside  Berri and  her lover, realisateur Maurice Pialat; and Berri’s son, Thomas Langmann, produced the first French film to win a Best Film Oscar in 2012 – The Artist).

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