Roland Lesaffre

1. – Gérard Philippe, Juliette ou La clef des songes/Juliette or Key of Dreams, France, 1951. He lost his main role when co-star Leslie Caron was spirited away by Gene Kelly for An American In Paris (on Roger Vadim’s advice). Scenarist, Jacques Viot, wrote a scene for Lessafre as a Legionnaire (“it fitted me like a glove”), and Marcel Carné agreed. The directing icon had first met Lesaffre when he interrupted a take of his old Marine mate Jean Gabin – “Jean, oh! Jean, c’est moi Lessafre!” – while crashing the 1950 shooting of La Marie du port at Joinville studios. Now the PT teacher became an actor – and Carné’s lover for many years (and films). 

 Birth year: 1927Death year: 2009Other name: Casting Calls:  1