Sam Wannamaker

  1. Thomas E Breen, The River/Le fleuve, France-India-USA, 1951.      Among the Americans (Brando, John Dall, Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Robert Walker) juggled by the legendary French realisateur Jean Renoir for his final film  in English. The following year  while shooting  Mr Denning Drives North  in Shepperton studios, Wannamaker was blacklisted in Hollywood  by rampant  McCarthyism   – and worked on  in England until his death.
  2.  Edward Platt, Rebel Without A Cause, 1955.     Eager to play the shrink in 1947, Wannamaker suggested “the greatest young actor in America today” for Jim Stark. A certain Marlon Brando. All this happened  in… 1947. 


 Birth year: 1919Death year: 1993Other name: Casting Calls:  2